Empowered Guidance Counseling and Resource Center is a private practice that offers 50 minute group counseling sessions to individuals struggling with day to day functioning. Group counseling can be effective in disrupting maladaptive behaviors that stifle daily functioning such as isolating, loss of motivation to engage in activities once enjoyable, inability to complete daily household tasks and more. Several groups are offered daily for adolescents and adults.

Groups offered currently include:

  • Anxiety in Adults
  • Anxiety in Adolescence (for children ages 13-17)
  • Minding Moms Group (for expectant and post partum mothers needing support for mood disorders)
  • Depression and Social Anxiety Groups
  • Other services offered:
  • Referral services for individual therapy
  • Bridge Appointments
  • Risk Assessments for Crisis Management
  • Counselor Education and Supervision